The Cycling Movement

We want to work with you to add value to your customers and their experiences. We can do this together with our cycling industry edge and product range.

How can we work with you?

Cycling Tours

Lifecycles Travel host cycling tours that are a healthy and active form of entertainment and personal reward for your customer base. These can be local to your area, one of our existing tours or a destination of your choice.

Usually 3-7 days in length with 8-12 guests.

Private Tour Guide

Chris Boogert, a talented and professional cyclist, is available as your private tour guide. Chris has over 6 years experience racing in the elite Australian peloton, has led corporate executives on rides during busy conference schedules and he has taken large groups of tourists and holiday makers on scenic trips around Italy, France and Australia. Chris is a well-rounded and positively particular guide which means when it comes to safe, engaging and fun cycling he is your man.

Can be hired by the hour, arrange bike hire for riders and bike transportation.

Gifts, incentives and rewards

Many working professionals now meet for a cycle instead of playing 18 holes. We understand this emerging trend and can provide incentives, gifts and rewards for your customer base. Don’t really get the whole cycling thing but know someone who does? Contact us and we can offer your individual or group a ride they will never forget.


What’s in it for you?

Value add

Give back to your customers.

Understand and get to know your customers

Enjoying time on the bike with your customers will develop lasting relationships. Take a moment to entertain the idea of your customers rapidly growing confidence in you and your brand. They will be sure to retain and return confidence in you and your product offering.

Entertain your customers

Provide your customers with the opportunity to ride their bikes in a safe, fun and unique way. Reap the physical and mental benefits of cycling.

Marketing, storytelling and imagery

Cycling is a social sport and conquering mountains only means one thing, you’ve got to tell your friends about it. Lifecycles Travel will promote, provide imagery and engage with your social media following as well as provide online marketing support.

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