Your guides Chris Boogert and Alice Tancred sit with their bikes in Byron Bay, the home of their Cycling Holidays

About us

Lifecycles Travel started taking cyclists to idyllic destinations in 2016. A young couple, who like many, had different athletic abilities. For Chris, cycling is his way of pushing himself to the limit and challenging his mates. While Alice being a runner, wanted to give cycling a go and didn’t want to miss out on the weekend adventures. 

They quickly learned that this was not an uncommon problem. In cycling, there are dispersed levels of abilities. Lifecycles Travel was the answer to Chris & Alice’s collective enjoyment. They create cycling holidays so that other couples, friends and groups can ride together and enjoy the cycling without compromising the speed, strength and abilities of any riders. Lifecycles Travel offers beginner to advanced ride options each day that fit within a collective & inclusive itinerary.

How it all began

Chris and Alice share a love for adventure, health, fitness and fun. Now based in Byron Bay after relocating from Sydney, the pair have drawn on their own individual skills to build Lifecycles Travel into the successful company it is today.

Chris worked as a sales and travel manager at Park Bikes, a store in Sydney Olympic Park from 2014-2017. He first started road cycling when he was 14 and has since then competed in National Road Series events and has travelled around the world as a cycling tour guide. Following a serious high-speed crash at an Australian cycling event in 2012, he has become a strong advocate for rider safety and is determined to educate new riders on how to look after themselves out on the road.

Alice worked in sports management, logistics and sponsorship for six years. She was involved in many international sporting events her favourite being the Santos Tour Down Under and the London 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. She is also a talented sportsperson and represented Australia in cross country running.

Why choose Lifecycles Travel?

Our aim as one of Australia’s up-and-coming cycling tour companies is to bring fresh travel ideas and itineraries tailored to you and your fitness level. We want you to enjoy these with your friends and family. So stay connected and tell people about Lifecycles Travel. For invites to upcoming trips across Australia and even overseas to Asia, France and Italy subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook and Instagram.