The Trek Domane LT+ is delightful

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I’ve been known to pick a ride solely for the choice of coffee stop, some call me the lady of leisure, and for good reason. Being not really one to fuss over the distance or elevation, I just go along for the ride and have a bloody good time doing so. Usually, this means tackling hills on my own and creating the banter inside my own head. Until now, fresh off the containerships has come our newest additions to the family. These Eroad bikes have quite literally changed my (work) life.

“Eat my dust Chris, this turbo mode has me blitzing even YOU up the hill!”

Alice Co-Founder Lifecycles Travel

I can now be the banter leading the climbing pack. Yes, I’ve already had a few “Alice throw me a rope!” comments and yes I am chuckling. Now my sweet 60km distance has increased to 80km without compromising my energy supply for the leisure-ing to continue on throughout my day/weekend.

You still have to work, I’ve been comparing the feeling of riding the Domane LT+ to walking up an escalator or doing an assisted chin up. The effort is there, it’s just the unattainable effort is now within reach.

Making it easier to see the best of Byron Bay by bike

For Lifecycles Travel the outcome of introducing the Domane LT+’s to our fleet means that its a huge step in removing barriers for those considering taking up the sport of cycling. Some may be able to ride without the fear of putting stress on an existing or old injury. 

And riders of different ability and fitness levels can enjoy riding together even on the undulating terrain of the Byron hinterland.

It seems the biggest challenge for us yet maybe reserving these bikes for those who really ‘need them’. Even experienced cyclists are getting a feel for how fun riding these bikes are… and hey if you’re riding a 52 you might have to wrestle it off me.

Bike hire in Byron Bay

You can request to ride a Domane LT+ on any of our cycling holidays or give it a test ride next time you’re hiring a bike in Byron Bay.

“I know, it doesn’t even look like an ebike.”

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